5 Things About Key West Surfing That Every Surfer Should Know

5 Things About Key West Surfing That Every Surfer Should Know

Key West Surfing

Key West is arguably one of the most stunning locations in the country to enjoy clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and fun in the sun with family and friends with various water sports and other activities.

While there are no opportunities for surfing in Key West, you can always rely on the various surf lessons in the area to teach you other fun ways to have fun on the waves. If you were looking forward to some Key West surfing, keep reading to discover other exciting activities in the Florida Keys instead.

1) Why There’s No Surfing In Key West?

A barrier reef protects Key West, with nearly 6,000 jagged coral reefs in shallow waters that prevent large waves from moving toward the shore. This natural barrier is why surfing conditions at the southernmost point are not ideal for those searching for big waves and surfing spots along Florida’s east coast in Key West.

So, the easy answer to why there are no decent surf spots in Key West is that there is no surf found in this region! To find surfable waves, you must paddle beyond the coral reefs, where the water doesn’t break as easily, and this can be dangerous.

Experienced surfers can find several alternatives in the South Beach area of Key West. You can find several establishments that rent wakeboards, kiteboards, and many other water equipment to help you explore the shallow waters surrounding Key West.

This part of Key West is where you’ll also find a multitude of surf shops selling novelty gear and where you can explore surf lessons that teach you a multitude of different ways to have fun in the water.

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2) Not A Single Wave? No Problem! Give E-Foil A Shot!

E-Foiling is still a new sport in Key West, but its popularity is growing as a direct result of the relative calmness of the waters in the area. It is possible to bring your own E-Foil to Key West and ride in the designated areas if you are an experienced wave rider. However, it is imperative that you adhere to the local regulations and laws regarding motorized watercraft.

Riding a hydrofoil board while being propelled by an electric motor is the objective of the relatively new and developing water sport known as E-Foil, which is also referred to as electric foil boarding. The rider of the hydrofoil board will be lifted out of the water by the board’s design, which will enable them to fly above the water’s surface at high speeds.

No waves – no problem! Discover the exciting sport of e-foiling with us! We will guide you through each step of the process so that you can learn and master this thrilling activity.

We Offer E-Foiling In Key West With Surfing Lessons

3) Windsurfing Is Big In Key West

Because of its temperate waters and reliable wind conditions, Key West is a well-known destination for windsurfing enthusiasts. A board with a sail attached to it is used in the sport of windsurfing, which requires the rider to be propelled by the wind while standing on the board. This activity combines aspects of sailing and surfing together.

The months of spring and fall in Key West are ideal for windsurfing because the winds are more reliable during these seasons and the water is at its warmest during these times. The Atlantic coast of the island is where the vast majority of windsurfers choose to go, as it gives some of the best surfing winds in the area along the many beaches.

Because of the consistent wind and the relatively flat terrain, these locations are ideal for windsurfers of all skill levels, from beginners to intermediates. Windsurfing schools in Key West offer lessons and equipment rental for people of all skill levels. Some of them offer private or group lessons, as well as certification courses.

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4) Go Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a water sport where a rider is pulled behind a motorboat while standing on a board, similar to water skiing. Key West is not typically considered a wakeboarding destination because of the relatively calm waters and lack of large bodies of water. However, it is indeed a good place to learn for those just getting into this variation of the sport of surfing.

The main spot for wakeboarding in Key West is a man-made lake named Key West Cable Park, located on Stock Island, which is a small island just east of Key West. The Cable Park is a great option for both beginners and experienced wakeboarders. They offer a full-size cable wakeboarding system, which is a cable that pulls the rider around the lake, allowing them to practice and progress at their own pace. The park also offers rentals, lessons, coaching, and events.

Wakeboarding In Key West

5) Kiteboarding In Key West At Smathers Beach

While the surf conditions in Key West may not be ideal for experienced surfers, inexperienced surfers can still have fun on the waves at Smathers Beach!

Many surf lessons in Key West teach locals and visitors alike how to strap onto a C-kite to glide across the waters and experience the thrill of kiteboarding. Many learn this skill in as little as three lessons and can safely glide along the gentle waves without fearing injury or flying off into the air.

Kiteboarders stay on the water efficiently using a harnessed bridle that gives the surfer complete control over speed. Pulling the attached bar close to you will fill the kite with more wind, speeding up your ride.

However, pushing the release bar away from you diminishes all power from the kite by flagging it to one line connected to your harness. Because you have complete control over the experience, you are far less likely to have an injury or lose control of the kite.

Surf Schools Offer Kiteboarding In Key West


Though there might be poor surfing conditions and no good surf spots, there are so many other water activities to enjoy in the Florida Keys besides searching in vain for a non-existent Key West surfing location.

Whether you attend surf lessons to learn how to navigate the surrounding waters and hop on a wakeboard or kiteboard, you’re sure to have a blast with the available water sports in Key West.

You can still go surfing in Key West! Book a tour with our E-Foil Rides!

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