Best Key West Sunset Cruise For Any Occasion – Family, Friends & Couples

Best Key West Sunset Cruise For Any Occasion – Family, Friends & Couples

Best Key West Sunset Cruise

No trip to the Florida Keys is complete without taking a fantastic Key West sunset cruise from the harbor. Imagine a relaxing sunset sail with your friends and family or a romantic cruise with your loved one. Let’s explore the Key West sunset cruises for every occasion.

Best Places On Land To Watch The Sunset Over The Southernmost Point

Most people would agree that the best place to watch the sunset is from a quiet boat on the water. However, if you are not on the water as the Florida sun starts to sink into the ocean, you can still have a great time by joining the festivities at the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration.

Lively Mallory Square is just over a mile from Key West’s Southernmost Point Buoy. The view from Mallory Square is over Sunset Key and the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll want to arrive early since the Mallory Square Sunset Celebration action begins about two hours before all Key West sunsets.

You’ll find booths with arts and crafts for sale, street performers, live music, and food carts. There is no charge for admission. Visitors show up, stake their spot and wait for the setting sun. Afterward, the fun continues with a stop at a bar at the southernmost point for live music, a cold beer, a glass of wine, or a fruity cocktail.

Be sure to arrive at Mallory Square early, as this is a popular place to watch a Key West sunset, and the area becomes crowded with tourists.

Sunset In Key West Over The Southernmost Point

Best Sunset Cruise In Key West For A Small Group

A sunset cruise is a perfect excursion for any group. Whether you are planning for a group of friends, your family, co-workers, or any special event, a sunset cruise ticks all the boxes.

As the event planner, you know how important it is to work with a boat company that is mindful of all the details, including those things you didn’t know you needed to plan. When you work with a great company that has a lot of experience with Key West sunset cruises, you can relax and enjoy every moment.

The Key West Boat Trips company has knowledgeable captains who have spent years living in the area and know where all the secret spots are in this world-class destination. They have the best small group boat fleet in Key West, so you can relax and let them take care of the details.

Sunset Cruise In Key West For A Small Group

Best Key West Sunset Cruise For Couples – Private Sunset Tour

Perhaps you are looking for a romantic and unforgettable experience on the water. Maybe you plan to propose to your special someone or celebrate a special occasion. Or, possibly, you plan to enjoy a sunset cruise on your honeymoon.

If your sunset cruise is going to be a romantic occasion, then a private cruise will be your best option. A scheduled public cruise could include families with young children or a friend group planning an evening of partying. You might find yourself seated next to someone who is anxious to tell you all about the snow back home or their neighbor’s barking dog. None of these scenarios is a reason to avoid taking a sunset cruise. It just isn’t the type of experience that you are looking for with a romantic sunset cruise.

The best Key West sunset cruises for romantic evenings are private tours. With a private sunset cruise, you can bring a bottle of wine and whatever snacks you want to enjoy with your loved one. Find a tour company that is flexible and will work with you to plan the perfect Key West sunset experience.

With Key West Boat Trips, you can leave the crowded Key West Harbor behind and go through backcountry waters to a secluded sandbar where you can hop out and swim in waist-high water. Your captain can snap the perfect photo of the two of you standing in the ocean with the beautiful sunset in the background. Great memories are made from a magical night like this.

Key West Sunset Cruise For Couples

Best Sunset Cruise In Key West For Families

There are a couple of excellent options for families who want to watch a spectacular Key West sunset and avoid the crowds. By working with a tour company that offers public and private Key West sunset cruise tours, you can decide which option best suits your family.

A private Key West sunset cruise offers the flexibility to personalize your itinerary with the aid of your captain. Your family can choose which soft drinks, beer, wine, and snacks to bring on board. The experienced local captains with Key West Boat Trips will even take your family to a secluded sandbar where your family can play in the water while you wait for the setting sun.

A scheduled public sunset cruise is a good option when your family wants to join a small group and head out on the water to enjoy a Key West sunset without the crowd. Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder at Mallory Square, your family can join other guests on a boat for a scheduled tour. You won’t have the advantage of personalizing your trip like you would with a private tour, but you still get to enjoy the sunset out on the water.

Boat Tours In Key West For Families

Key West’s Dinner Cruises – Watch the Sunset While You Eat!

If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, you know how important food is for a memorable experience. A Key West dinner cruise is a great way to experience time on the water, a stunning sunset, and fresh local seafood.

The best Key West sunset dinner cruise should include local seafood and fresh lobster cooked right on the boat. The best sunset cruise has fresh food and not be a boxed dinner.

The team at Key West Boat Trips has planned the perfect sunset cruise with dinner. The captain will take you to a beautiful location with a fantastic view. You can play in the shallow water while the captain cooks a delicious meal made with fresh local seafood. This incredible experience will be the highlight of your time in the Florida Keys.

Key West Dinner Cruise

Florida Keys Sunset Watersports

Most adventurous water sports require daylight, so participants can see where they are going. For many active travelers, the action starts to fade as the sun sinks into the ocean. However, a Key West sunset does not mean the watersports must stop.

Active travelers can enjoy Key West sunset watersports like nighttime kayaking or paddleboarding with LED lights that make the water glow underneath your board. Before heading out on the water, make sure you know where you are going and don’t stray far from shore.

Snorkeling at night is an entirely different activity from snorkeling during the day. The water takes on an otherworldly quality at night, and there is an eeriness that comes from not being able to see everything around you. You’ll only see what lies within the glow of your flashlight. The first time you head out for a nighttime snorkel trip, kayak, or paddleboard, it’s best to go with an experienced local guide who knows the area and can steer you in the right direction.

Key West Nighttime Kayaking

Sunset Party Cruise

When you are ready to get your party started, combine a sunset sail with a lively party cruise. Gather your friends and family for a night on the water you’ll never forget. Your captain can take you to those picturesque spots where you can take Instagram pictures.

Most Key West sunset cruises do not provide alcohol. However, the best sunset cruises allow guests to bring their choice of beverages to enjoy while the sun sets.

Key West Boat Trips will provide an iced cooler with bottled water and sodas. You are welcome to bring your own drinks, beers, and snacks. The sunsets in the early evening, so your party cruise is just the beginning of a fun night in Key West!

Sunset Party Cruise

Key West Sunset Cruises With Key West Boat Trips

When you want to see a spectacular sunset and avoid the crowds at Mallory Square, let Key West Boat Trips take you on an unforgettable experience.

Our experienced captains will take you snorkeling, swimming, and sandbar hopping on a day cruise or out on the water for a relaxing sunset cruise. For the ultimate vacation experience, try them both!

Go online or give us a call today. We are here to create an unforgettable experience for you!

Sunset Cruises In Key West

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