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Captain Mikey

Captain Mikey was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and the islands have always have been in his life. He grew up in Key West and graduated High School here in 2005. After that he got his captains license and followed what he knew and loved most, the waters of Key West. He also is an avid diver and a seasonal commercial fisherman. If you want to know about the waters and fun facts about the island he’s your man!


Captain Pawel

Captain Pawel was born in July 1980 in Poland. After getting his college degree in Poland he wasn’t ready yet for the real life and the real job, so he moved to Key West. Very quickly he fell in love with the ocean and opened a watersports business to be able to share his passion for the water and show everyone why he chose to live here.

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Captain Scruffy

Captain Scruffy, a Michigan Native, a prior San Diego resident, and a Key West local since 1995, has explored the waters & beautiful eco-system that forms the lower Keys.. Due to his lebanese heritage and adventurous parents, Akram, aka Scruffy, was born in Liberia West Africa, lived in the mountains of Lebanon, & swam & scuba dived in the Mediterranean Sea. His sister Alissar, also an adventurous soul, hired Scruffy to help captain her 70ft research vessel "Phoenicia", to explore the icebergs in Ilulissat Greenland, sail and explore the islands of Saint John's, St Pierre & Miquelon, and Nova Scotia in the Labrador sea.

Our Mission

We want to take you to the place that only seem to exist on postcards and calendars. We want you to relax, enjoy every moment of it. We want you to come back from our trip and say that this was the highlight of your vacation and one of the best things you did in your life. 

I realize that vacation in Key West is very expensive. It costs you a lot of money to get here and to stay here. But you shouldn’t try to save money on experiences. Great memories is what you will take home with you when you leave. That’s why I think that you should choose our family owned and operated business because creating great memories is what we do best. Become friend with your captain, see the hidden gems and feel like a local for a day….

Captain Pawel

owner of Key West Boat Trips

Our Location

Key West Boat Trips is located on the marina that is a part of Key West Beachside Resort & Residences – one of the highest rated Key West hotels.

The amenities on this high end luxury resort that are available to our charter guests include:

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