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Top 5 Sandbars in Key West to Explore by Boat

Key West, FL, has a lot to offer its tourists and residents. At the top of this list are sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, and a gentle off-shore breeze. The Florida Keys, however, go beyond normal beach experiences to give something different: sandbars. Sandbars are areas of sand that sit above water. Key West Boat Trips offer tourists an entirely different way to experience the ocean. Imagine being immersed in the ocean, sitting atop extraordinarily soft sand, soaked in the oceanic water, taking it all in. No swimming, no holding of breaths, just sitting on the sand and enjoying the popular sand and surf. Better yet, imagine intimate sandbar parties, lunches, and dinners. If that sounds like heaven, here are the top 5 sandbars in Key West to explore by boat: Sandbar: Boca Grande People whose bucket list has a sandbar party on them have definitely come across Boca Grande in their search. It is a favorite destination, located 14 miles west of Key West. A portion of this Island is normally exposed during the low tide, allowing people to take in the ocean distinctively. The surrounding waters in Boca Grande are also notably deeper than all other sandbars. This allows tourists to enjoy ultra-soft sand as they fish. As if that’s not enough, it is a popular destination for friendly dolphins. Unfortunately, this makes it quite crowded during holidays. Off-peak seasons are therefore the ideal time to enjoy this sandbar. This time would be particularly appealing to couples looking for a romantic setting. Since the beach has a gentle curve, the sense of privacy between different boaters is guaranteed. The sand bar is therefore a one-of-a-kind intimate setting for couples. Snorkeling with a loved one on a 4-hour private tour with Key West Boat Trips would be specifically unforgettable. Away from couples, sometimes all one needs is a bit of time away from their jobs, relationships, and family. A time to be alone, and reflect. Well, the Boca Grande sandbar is so far into the water that there is no network reception! Talk of no distractions. As one enjoys sponge garden snorkeling in just 5 feet of water, all there is to do is unwind! Sandbar: Snipe Point Also known as Snipes, it is one of the most popular if not the most popular sandbar Key West. It is situated near a mangrove island and is considerably longer than Boca Grande. This means that the sandbar can hold many people at a go. When lucky and the place is empty, one can enjoy a long relaxing stroll along the soft sand. Depending on the spot chosen, note that water could immerse an averagely tall person till just above the waist. It, therefore, allows for swimming, snorkeling, and strolling. A great time to visit would be sunset, to take in the phenomenal view. Since it is closer to the town, a 2-hour private boat trip by Key West Boat tours will suffice. Hop on one and capture an unforgettable sunset cruise in Key West! Sandbar: Woman Key It is the perfect destination for wildlife lovers. This is because it is located in the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. This is a conservation center that seeks to protect bird nesting areas located in mangroves. While these nesting areas are out of bounds, a smooth boat ride along the backcountry waters allows people to enjoy it from a distance. To navigate these sections easily, it would be wise to partner with an experienced charter boat company. For this, the 3 hour Key West Lunch Cruise offered by Key West Boast Trips would be ideal. Not only will guests enjoy freshly made lunch in the water, but they could also enjoy an enjoyable swim through the beautiful backcountry waters. The stretch of sand in Woman Key is also long, allowing people to anchor their boat and enjoy strolls. The sandbar however has numerous live Conchs, but bear in mind that they are endangered species! Look but don’t touch! Well, one may touch, but safely put them back since they are protected. Sandbar: Mud Keys It is located about 11 miles northeast of Key West. This makes it a popular destination for people who’d like to swim or snorkel in knee-deep shallow waters without traveling too far into the ocean. Here, riders also enjoy a mangrove maze made of a series of islands apart from sandbar Key West. It is truly an adventurous ride, and throwing in a Key West Dinner Cruise alongside a visit here could be a perfect way to conclude a trip to Key West. Key West Boat Tours offers a 3-hour dinner cruise, where friends and families can bite on some mouthwatering seafood as they enjoy the breathtaking scenery! Noice!!! Sandbar: Marvin Key This one is for adventure lovers! It is located northeast of Key West in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. It is a privately owned key and is quite underdeveloped. This is probably because it is hard to find, with a narrow entry that is tricky to locate. Nevertheless, do not be fooled. It is not as secluded as it sounds. Rather, it is a locals’ hub, popular with local boaters and the general public. It is also sometimes used as a backcountry campsite. Looking for this sandbar may seem like too much work, but the tropical paradise will be worth the trouble. It is worth noting that even though it is a favorite spot for the residents of Key West, it is kept pretty clean. This says a lot for the boaters of KeyWest, to say the least! Memories to Last a Lifetime: Key West Boat Trips. Whether it’s a trip to one or all of the sandbars Key West, Key West Boat Trips offers the perfect launchpad for the next vacation. With friendly captains, experienced guides, and reliable boats, these boat tours will guarantee a phenomenal time at Key West. With different packages that include dinners, lunches, and even sandbar hopping, these custom-crafted sandbar trips will have anyone nostalgic! That said, leave the hustle and bustle behind and come dip those restless feet into ultra-soft sand. Think babies’ hands are soft? This sand will have anyone rethinking it! Leave the crowd behind and take time to visit one of Florida’s most unique natural features: sandbars in Key West!

A Recipe For The Perfect Key West Weekend Getaway

Florida has long been viewed as one of the best vacation destinations in the United States if not the world. The Sunshine State has it all — magnificent beaches, incredible nightlife, fabulous dining destinations and of course, those magnificent beaches and crystal clear warm waters. Key West is the best place for a weekend getaway. For those interested in the unique flora and fauna of this special part of the U.S. a trip to the Everglades should definitely be on the cards. But there’s a way to take any trip to Florida to the next level and that is to spend any weekend in the state in the Florida Keys. The Keys are a fantastic place to spend the weekend. Firstly there is so much seaside real estate to explore. There are over 1,700 Keys (at least at low tide). Of course, you won’t be visiting them all – you’ll probably stick to some of the tourist hotspots like Key West because that’s where the fun really is to be had. There is simply so much to do in Key West that making the most of the weekend can provide a challenge – but here are some of the most popular activities and destinations that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any visitor to this sub-tropical string of islands during that much anticipated Key West weekend getaway. Firstly take some time to explore some of the natural beauty that is available to the visitor on Key West. One of the best ways to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful of Mother Nature’s creations is to visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. You’ll be transported to a tropical paradise complete with vibrant pink Flamingos and exposed to a myriad of brightly colored wings during a walk through the indoor garden. This is the perfect destination for those with young children as they will be immediately captivated by the colors and varied types of butterflies on display. For lovers of both history and literature, a trip to Hemingway House on Key West must be on the weekend agenda. The famous author purchased a spacious Spanish colonial home at 907 Whitehead Street in 1931 – and remained on Key West with it as his home for eight years. It was during this time that he was gifted a cat who he named ‘Snowball’ who happened to have six toes on her front paws. this trait can still be spotted in her descendants – around 30 of which still roam the estate and its magnificent gardens. Hemingway House now operates as a museum and offers a fascinating insight into the life of one of the world’s greatest wordsmiths. Ernest Hemingway was an avid fisherman – to say that he loved the sea would be an understatement – and looking out over the pristine, clear waters that surround Key West it is no wonder that he spent so much time away from land. While the perfect Key West weekend getaway explore just why a boat trip must be part of any itinerary. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities that take place on the saltwater. There are numerous companies that offer anything from snorkeling, sailing, cruising and kayaking, not to mention deep-sea fishing on some of the most rewarding water on the planet. For the romantically inclined sunset cruises are an absolute must. Dolphin-watching tours are also incredibly popular. Most tour operators offer both half and full-day packages with refreshments. For those who want to explore the flora of Key West, a trip to Audubon House and Tropical Gardens is an absolute necessity. Named after noted ornithologist, John James Audubon (who visited the Keys in 1832), the property was built by Captain Huling Geiger in the 1840s. 29 Drawing and works by the noted ornithologist can be found at Audubon House, along with a wide variety of period antiques and artwork. The property itself has been lovingly restored and the guides are a delight. The tropical gardens are an absolute wonder to explore. If you are planning that perfect Key West weekend getaway plan ahead in order to make the most of your time spent in this magnificent and scenic part of the world – especially if you are planning to stay in Key West. A visit to Kayak will ensure that all your requirements are taken care of long before you have your first sip of that tropical cocktail or set foot on those powder white sands.


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Sponge Garden Snorkeling

If you are a family with kids, coral reef might be intimidating for the first time snorkeling. Especially when the weather is not ideal. We take our customers to a 5 feet deep sponge garden snorkeling where you can still see fish, varieties of sponges and simply immerse yourself in nature. If your kids are very young – the first snorkeling experience could be shell hunting over a 1 foot deep sandbar where they can stand up. After that we take you to the remote island beach so you can get your full local like experience! All snorkeling gear is included.

Key West Boat Trips are officially Apache Native approved!

A motorcycle club shipped their bikes from LA to the East Coast. They really wanted to ride legendary US1 all the way down to mile 0 in Key West. One of the crew – Apache Native – had a spiritual trip and couldn’t get enough of the natural beauty of the Key West backcountry.

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