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Snorkeling In Key Largo

Snorkeling In Key Largo VS. Snorkeling In Key West

There are boat tours that will take you out to the best spots or you can explore on your own. So what should you know about snorkeling in the Florida Keys, especially if you aim to go snorkeling in Key Largo or Key West?

Key West Surfing

5 Things About Key West Surfing That Every Surfer Should Know

Key West, which sits at the southernmost tip of the United States mainland, is a beginning surfer’s dream due to its consistently shallow waves. With warm waters and consistent, steady swells, the island offers a variety of surf spots that are perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.

Best Seafood Key West

Best Seafood Key West – 9 Places That Seafood Lovers Must Try

How about dinner on the ocean? Dinner cruises are among the most well-liked things to do in the Florida Keys and usually consist of taking a boat ride around the region while having a meal on board. Key West Boat Trips offers dinner cruises throughout the week with beautiful scenery and delicious seafood.

Secluded Beaches In Florida

11 Hidden And Secluded Beaches In Florida To Avoid Crowds

You’ve heard the stories of crowded Florida beaches with wall-to-wall sunburned tourists and decided that is not for you. You may even wonder if all the beaches in Florida are crowded.
We are here to tell you that there are still plenty of state parks and secluded beaches in Florida that are off the well-worn tourist map.

Key West Bachelorette Party

11 Great Ideas For The Best Key West Bachelorette Party

Before your best friend takes that very special walk down the aisle, it’s time to get away, eat, drink, and have a lot of fun! If you are the one in charge of bachelorette party planning for a weekend in Key West, it may seem like a daunting task at first. You want to plan a bachelorette weekend in Key West that is memorable and so much fun for your group, but where do you start?

Best Time To Visit Key West

Best Time To Visit Key West – Travel Tips For Every Season

So you’ve decided to head down to the Florida Keys for a vacation? When is the best time to visit Key West? Just as crucial as picking a vacation spot is picking a time to visit it. Travel veterans to Florida will tell you that avoiding the summer heat and the swarms of school-aged children by going to Disney World in the winter or spring is a no-brainer. But what of the Florida Keys down south? When is the best time to visit this destination?

Key West Christmas

Key West Christmas – 13 Fun Things To Do During The Holidays

Why visit Key West in December? It’s simple. The weather is warm and sunny, with average temperatures of 77 degrees and the water temperature is excellent for water sports. As you can imagine, December attracts plenty of people who want to escape the cold back home and experience Key West instead.

Top 5 Sandbars in Key West to Explore by Boat

Key West, FL, has a lot to offer its tourists and residents. At the top of this list are sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters, and a gentle off-shore breeze. The Florida Keys, however, go beyond normal beach experiences to give something different: sandbars. Sandbars are areas of sand that sit above water.

A Recipe For The Perfect Key West Weekend Getaway

Florida has long been viewed as one of the best vacation destinations in the United States if not the world. The Sunshine State has it all — magnificent beaches, incredible nightlife, fabulous dining destinations and of course, those magnificent beaches and crystal clear warm waters. Key West is the best place for a weekend getaway.