Key West Dinner Cruise

Key West Dinner Cruise

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About the guided trip

3 hours
Food: Yes
Tour Size: Private - 6 people max
Price: $700

Our experienced captain will take you and your group to the beautiful location with picturesque view. Then he’ll put his chef’s hat on and will cook delicious meal made with fresh local seafood right on the boat. This unique experience is something you will never forget. Play in the shallow turquoise water while your dinner is being prepared.

VR Boat Tour


30-45 minute boat ride to destination

(exact destination depends on the weather conditions)


1.5-2hrs on the scenic location while our captain prepares dinner

DINNER - tacos with fresh local seafood

30-45 minutes boat ride back to the marina



Add 1 Extra Hour for $100



It takes time to prepare your meal and we can’t run a boat with the grill on. We have to favorite destinations for this trip: Mud Key or Snipe Point. Which one we would go to depends entirely on weather conditions.

We have fresh fish, shrimp or lobster. What exactly you would get depends on what is in season, availability and individual arrangements. We would try to accommodate your requests if that’s possible.

We cook a batch of fish, shrimp or lobster and we keep making tacos until everyone is full.

We get our seafood exclusively at Keys Fresh Seafood Market directly from the local fishermen who caught it. What kind of fish you would have depends on what they had caught the previous day. 

Because of the logistics and the fact that we will be cooking your meal on the boat (not in the restaurant kitchen) – the whole group would have to agree on the same kind of tacos.

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