Key West Sunset Cruise

Key West Sunset Cruise

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About the guided trip

2 hours
Food: No
Tour Size: Private - 6 people max
Price: $400

Sunset Cruise that goes to the sandbar. Are you tired of crowded boats floating around the crowded harbor? Bring your loved ones and our captain will take you out for a private boat cruise into the backcountry waters.

We will anchor over the sandbar and watch the sun go down while there. You’ll be able to jump in the knee to waist deep water and beautiful pictures with sun setting behind you while you’re standing in the “middle of the ocean”. After sunset we’ll pull up the anchor and ride back to our marina.

VR Boat Tour


Start the trip 1.5hrs before the sunset


30 minute boat ride to the sandbar

1hr on anchor at the sandbar watching the sunset


30 minute boat ride back to the marina with the last light




Depends on the tide. On low tide it’ll be ankle deep, on high tide up to your waist or your belly. Either time you are welcome to hop into the water and watch the sun go down.

No. We will start riding back shortly after the sun disappears. We will have about 30 minutes of twilight time to safely get back to the marina.

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own beer, wine, snacks etc. We will put it on ice for you.

We would modify the itinerary, reschedule or cancel and refund – depending on the weather conditions and what you would want to do.

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