6 Places You Can Go Swimming With Dolphins In Key West

6 Places You Can Go Swimming With Dolphins In Key West

Swimming with dolphins in Key West

Have you got your heart set on a trip to Key West in the near future? If so, you are in for a real treat! A destination brimming with attractions and activities, there is, quite literally, something for everyone here.

One particular attraction which may have caught your interest, in fact, it may even be part of the reason that you have chosen the Florida Keys as your next travel destination, is the chance to swim with dolphins. There are likely to be few experiences that can rival being out on the glistening water, feeling the sun on your skin as a friendly dolphin frolics around in the calm water around you. Indeed, it is one of those vacation moments that will stay with you for a long, long time after you have returned home, unpacked your bags, and resumed normal life.

Of course, deciding that you want to swim with dolphins is one thing, but knowing whereabouts in Key West you can fulfill your dream is quite another. Where are there top places to have an incredible up close and personal experience on the water with these friendly sea creatures? Here is a useful guide.

6 Places You Can Go Swimming With Dolphins In Key West

Theater Of The Sea

Theater of the Sea offers incredible dolphin shows, as well as sea lion, shows, parrot shows and so much more. However, the experience does not stop there. Visitors have the opportunity to swim with a dolphin. The swim session lasts 30 minutes and includes the chance to have a hug, kiss, and dorsal tow, as well as the chance to snorkel with a dolphin. This incredible experience of Key West dolphin swimming is available for a variety of ages and provides a special moment that will stay etched in the memory for a long time to come.

Dolphin Connection

This sea life experience provides something that is truly exceptional. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and show a true desire to care for the animals that they work with. The price offered for dolphin swimming tends to also include lots of photos. Indeed, you will be so absorbed in the moment that you will be glad someone else was capturing the special time that you shared with these truly wonderful sea animals.

The resort itself is also a beautiful place to visit and other experiences are provided for those who wish to make a longer day of their time there. It’s also worth noting that the dolphins at this resort are either rescues who are not deemed able to return to the wild or they were born at the facility. For many visitors, knowing this about the dolphins they will swim with makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Dolphin Plus Bayside

This resort provides a wonderful location for visitors to see dolphins in their natural water homes. Guests can observe and interact with these friendly marine creatures and learn all about how important they are in conserving the marine. Of course, you will be very glad to know that there is also the chance to enjoy Key West dolphin swimming! Dolphin swims are available throughout the year and visitors will find that the Structured Shallow Water Dolphin Swims create a moment in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you want to swim or snorkel next to these sea friends, the experience will be an unforgettable one.

Sea Monkey Ocean Adventures

Sea Monkey Ocean Adventures are all about creating a perfect day for you when on vacation. Part of this includes the chance to snorkel, dive, dolphin watch, and potentially swim alongside dolphins. This is a very friendly team who want to make your vacation that extra bit special. It is a good idea to get in contact with them directly and ask them to describe the type of day that they could plan for you so that it would be the highlight of your trip. Tell them that you are very keen on Key West dolphin swimming and allows them to plan a day that will make the most of your desire and provide you with a few extra treats as well.

Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder

This nonprofit facility is dedicated to the rescue of wild and stranded whales and dolphins in the Florida Keys. All proceeds that come from the dolphin programs go directly to helping their mission, and what a wonderful mission that is! One of the ways that visitors can both enjoy an incredible experience and contribute to a very worthwhile cause is to book a dolphin swim at the facility. Visitors will also find that the facility as a whole is very calm and relaxing and the staff are a delight to watch as they interact with these beautiful sea creatures that they clearly love. Not only do visitors have the chance to swim with the dolphins but they will also become much more knowledgeable about dolphins and their habitat. It’s an experience that will not only bring enjoyment but also aspire you to do more to care for the wonderful planet that we all have the privilege of getting to call home.

Sunset Watersports

For a laid-back chance to see dolphins and potentially have the chance to swim and snorkel with them, Sunset Watersports is a good option for many people who are visiting Key West. They provide a trip that will have guests enjoying a reef snorkel, the chance to see dolphins, and a sunset cruise to finish the day off in style.

The Bottom Line On Key West Dolphin Swimming

If you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys in the near future, dolphin swimming is an activity that surely has to be on your list of things you need to do. In fact, it should be right up there at the top! Get to know these beautiful and powerful sea friends up close and create a moment that you will remember with awe, likely for the rest of your life!

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