Boca Grande Island Time & Snorkeling

Boca Grande Island Time & Snorkeling


About the guided trip

4 hours
Food: No
Tour Size: Private - 6 people max
Price: $650

If you are looking for some beach time on a remote island far far away – this boat trip is for you. Stop on the way for sponge garden snorkeling in just 5 feet of water. At the Boca Grande destination, you’ll take a break from your phone as you will not have any service there. Walk down the beach and enjoy looking at the beautiful turquoise colors of the water surrounding you. If you will feel like exploring further – we will take you near the neighboring islands Woman Key and Ballast Key for some more breathtaking sights.

VR Boat Tour


Meet at Marriott Beachside 3841 N. Roosevelt Blvd


30 minutes boat ride to the Archer Key Sponge Gardens

30 minutes snorkeling

30 minutes boat ride to Boca Grande

1.5 hrs beach time

1 hour boat ride back to the marina



Add 1 Extra Hour for $100



This stop is optional. If you want to have more time for the beach at Boca Grande or see Woman Key, Ballast Key area – we would skip this stop to give ourselves more time elsewhere.

There is a 2 mile stretch of deep water that we need to cross. Sometimes on windy days it can be bumpy there. If we think that it would be too rough we would modify the itinerary and destination.

Because we have to peak out to the Atlantic to get to these two islands – sometimes on windy days it can be too rough to go there.

Boca Grande – yes. Woman Key is a wildlife preserve area and Ballast Key is a private island. Even though we can’t go on them, we park the boat nearby in shallow water, swim and enjoy the surroundings.


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