Key West Boat Rentals Or Private Boat Tours – Which Is Better?

Key West Boat Rentals Or Private Boat Tours – Which Is Better?

Key West Boat Rentals

If you’ve always wanted to visit Key West and experience time on the turquoise waters on your own rental boat, then you may be considering a Key West boat rental. Although renting a private yacht or fishing boat for your vacation might seem like a luxury, let us present a few issues as to why Key West boat rentals might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

We’ll show you why a tour on one of our deck boats is highly superior to any yacht charter boat rental in Key West. Keep reading to discover how the fate of your trip hangs in the balance if you decide to get a boat rental for your Key West vacation instead of embarking on a private charter tour of the area.

Enjoy Your Time On The Water With A Tour From Key West Boat Trips

Skip the sketchy pontoon boat rental and opt for a fun day touring Key West in a trustworthy boat. Not only do our tours give you the luxury of having your own captain, but you’re guaranteed to see some of the most thrilling and relaxing locations throughout the Florida Keys.

You don’t have to get Key West boat rentals to experience the area how you want. With your own rental boat, you could waste half the day locating that sandbar you saw on Instagram or trying to find the perfect location to go snorkeling at the only living coral reef in the country.

Ditch the headache that comes with a boat rental in Key West and trust our captains to show you the time of your life on a Key West boat you won’t have to stress over.

Contact us before your trip to find out how to get your own captain for the afternoon!

Sunset Cruise In Key West For Families - Boat Trip In The Mangrove Forests And Secluded Sandbars

Misconceptions You Might Have About Key West Boat Rentals

Many assume getting a Key West boat rental provides them the freedom they want to have the vacation of their dreams in one of the most iconic locations in the country. Unless you have years of experience on pontoon boats or other rental boats, you might be biting off more than you can chew.

When you get a boat rental in Key West, it’s vital to not only know Florida State law but you’ll need a grasp on how to handle the many issues that can arise while navigating the shallow waters in Key West. After all, not all rental boats are created the same or maintained as well as they should be. Unless you own a pontoon boat or similar at home, you might have a more challenging time than you realize with a Key West boat rental.

Relaxing On A Deck Boat - A Perfect Boat Trip

What Can Go Wrong With Key West Boat Rentals

Key West boat rentals can be a handful, but the reasons why might be different from what you expect. Pontoon boats are popular Key West boats, but unless you have navigated one in the past, they can be tricky in the shallow water in the Keys. All rental boats should be captained by someone who knows how to navigate the waters here in Key West, but if you’re unfamiliar with the area, you might run aground and get stuck on a sandbar.

If you do run aground and cause damage to your own rental boat, then you’re responsible for taking care of the repair costs to have the vessel fixed. Aside from running a pontoon boat or other rental boat into a sandbar and getting stuck, if you’re unfamiliar with the area, getting lost in Key West is quite easy.

Getting stranded on an island or getting lost at sea is not a fun way to spend your Key West vacation!

Why Our Tours Are Cheaper Than Key West Boat Rentals

Most people don’t realize when you get a rental boat in Key West, your form of payment has at least a $1000 hold for potential damages. That means you have $1000 less to spend on your vacation! You also won’t get one of the more high-end deck boats when you get your own boat because most are very basic with low HP motors.

Remember the cost of gas! Fueling your boat is another additional cost you may not have considered. Factor in multi-day rentals, and you have a massive chunk of your vacation budget tied up in a boat that’s of lower quality than the ones we use on our boat trips.

A half-day tour on one of our boats might look higher at first glance, but you won’t have all the additional costs of fuel, repairs, or refreshments. So, in the end, you’re paying much less for a few hours on one of our deck boats.

Key West Boat Trips

What’s Included On Our Boat

Each of our boats has a bathroom for liquids only for your group’s convenience. You can also access a freshwater rinse if you take a snorkeling tour or enjoy a dip in the sea at one of our swimmable stops. Good luck finding that kind of convenience with Key West boat rentals!

There’s an onboard cooler available on our boats too! It’s full of ice, bottled water, and soft drinks, but you’re always welcome to bring along alcohol or your beverage of choice. We also encourage bringing snacks or small meals to put in the cooler on our Key West boats if you anticipate taking one of our longer four-hour tours. Though four hours might not seem like a long time, it will feel like half the day is gone by the time we return to shore.

Key West Boat Trips On A Secluded Sandbar

The Advantages Of Having Our Key West Boat Captains

One of the significant advantages of booking a tour on one of our Key West boats is having access to your own captain. Not only are each of our captains friendly and entertaining, but they’re all highly knowledgeable of the surrounding waterways. This means you are guaranteed to see some of the most stunning locations Key West has to offer.

Our captains know where the best local sandbars are hiding, so you can enjoy a snorkeling encounter without obnoxious Key West boat rentals zooming by. They also know how to get to the mangrove islands of Mud Keys to give you the best views of Key West’s most notable sights. These are just some of the reasons having a captain on a Key West boat is better than getting your own rental.

Available Experiences On Our Key West Boats

One of our most popular Key West boat excursions is the Boca Grande Island Time & Snorkeling tour. Not only will you get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds to enjoy a mid-day island getaway, but you’ll get to go snorkeling along the coral reef and catch a glimpse of the incredible marine life that calls Key West home.

Many of our Key West boat trips are perfect for dolphin watching as these creatures are frequently found in the turquoise waters of the Keys. Our sandbar hopping trip and large group sandbar trips are also popular because our captains know where to go, so groups of tourists aren’t ruining the experience for your party.

Choose to get out of the boat and snorkel or go for a swim. You won’t have to worry about how to get back into the boat, as all of our Key West boats have a swim ladder for easy access in and out of the water.

Some of our other tour adventures include:

Mangrove Safari - Mud Key Mangrove Islands - Key West Boat Trips

Our Most Popular Key West Boating Locations

There are so many places to see in Key West, but our captains know the hottest locations with the least amount of people, so you can really take in your surroundings and appreciate the tropical vibe the Keys offer.

If it’s an afternoon of swimming and snorkeling your after, Mud Keys is the place for you! The knee-deep waters are perfect for searching for marine life like sand stars, turtles, tropical fish, and more!

Boca Grande is a famous location for stunning white sand beaches and a quiet atmosphere unsullied by the droves of tourists on the main islands.

Live like a local for a few hours with a trip to Snipe Point. This is a popular location with sandbars and locals who take their boats for a trip away from the main islands to enjoy some time away from the bustling city atmosphere.

Make The Most Of Your Key West Trip

We love to help you customize ways to enjoy your Key West trip on one of our high-end deck boats. Each of our touring experiences is private, so you don’t have to worry about sharing the two, three, or four-hour tours with strangers.

Everything you need, aside from any drinks or snacks you’d like to bring, is available for you on our Key West boats, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty of the Florida Keys.

Head to our website to book the tour that’s right for you and your family or friends. We can’t wait to help you customize your Key West experience!

Key West Boat Trips At Key West's Sand Bars

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